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2 Keys to Unlimited Ideas

“Everybody walks past 1,000 story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see 5 or 6 of them. Most people don’t see any.”
–Orson Scott Card

One of my writing mentors wrote that he is always suspicious of people who say they can’t think of things to put on the page. Most professional writers have too many ideas to write them all. What makes the difference?

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You Could Spend a Fortune…

Writing/ You could spend a fortuneToday’s mail bag question is – What does a freelance writer need to get started? Ok, there isn’t a mailbag (it’s a literary device). You need a computer to make clean copies for mailing and sending files. Hand written manuscripts don’t make the cut, especially in crayon. Laugh, but it happens. Another basic is an email with a real name attached to it, not CinnamonSugar @ Keep it as close to your name as possible.

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What is Writing?

"A writer looks at a screen or piece of paper like a canvas. They see a country unexplored, a picture unpainted, a tale not told. They dare to venture into the barren land, explore its dark corners, and paint its pictures. Then they unveil the epic with the goal of compelling people to visit their newly discovered territory.”
Peter D. Mallett

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