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You’re Writing it all Wrong… Maybe Not!

Do you know what the common thing about all creative people is? They’re all different. That’s the difficulty with trying to teach someone writing. The way I do it may not work for you. Have you even been told you don’t write the right way? There are rules for grammar, punctuation, and organization. Those are the agreed upon road signs that let the reader know where they’re going. But, how you write is as individual as you are.

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Need Writing Inspiration? Try an Out of Body Experience

Wait. Hear me out. I’m not advocating some ancient form of writing meditation. I’m not advising a trip to the Far East, nor Middle Earth. In my quest to keep my imagination well-oiled, I’ve discovered an additional method for getting started when my grey matter is stalled.

In the movie “Finding Forrester”, Jamal (Rob Brown) is encouraged to begin by typing a piece written by William Forrester (Sean Connery) and to start writing when his own words come to him.

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How to Spark Writing Ideas While Watching Television

You want to believe it, don’t you?

Or maybe you don’t. Perhaps you think that good ideas can only come through hard work. Nope. That is how the article, book, or story comes to life. Ideas come from everywWriting: Shorts and Statshere. You probably have a notepad by your bed, and carry one when you go somewhere. Why not include having one while watching television?


At one time,

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2 Keys to Unlimited Ideas

“Everybody walks past 1,000 story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see 5 or 6 of them. Most people don’t see any.”
–Orson Scott Card

One of my writing mentors wrote that he is always suspicious of people who say they can’t think of things to put on the page. Most professional writers have too many ideas to write them all. What makes the difference?

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Writing is Not Always a Novel Idea

Writing: Not a Novel Idea“So, you’re a writer? What is your book is about?”

If you are a freelance writer you’ve heard this phrase frequently. You may explain that you write short stories, devotions, how-to articles, as well as information pieces, advertising, and copy for websites.

“So one day you will write a book?”

“Maybe so” I might add, “Right now I’m content with what I’m doing.”

They don’t believe me.

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