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Creatively Kicking Clichés to the Curb

In my last post, I described trying to write when it just wasn’t happening as “swimming in spaghetti”. A couple of people commented on that being an apt and original way of Mechanical-Pencil holding tipdescribing the experience. It also fit me because I’m Italian and could picture just how difficult it could be tangling with spaghetti.

However in my original draft I simply had “sinking in quicksand”.

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Your Submission Questions Answered (Part 2) Writing Contests

Welcome back. In this post, I’m answering more questions that were asked about writing contests. Part 1 was about submissions and guidelines.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that there is a website “Writer Beware” that is of value to all writers. It’s a good place for staying ahead of those who would prey on writers, especially those with less experience.

1) What’s the best source for legitimate writing contests?

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Your Submission Questions Answered (Part 1)

As promised, this is the first post where I’ll respond to your submission questions. My experience comes from trial and error, study, conferences and conversations.

This week I will tackle the submission questions I’ve received and next week I’ll cover questions about contests. This is the plan. However, I am open to changing it. If your question has not been answered, please ask.

Now, drumroll please…

Guidelines and Submission QuestionsWritng-woman-freelance

1) What are some sources I can use to create an effective cover letter for my pitch?

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