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How to Create an Idea Stash in 30 Minutes a Day

Have you ever wished you had an idea stash?

A stash is something stored away, usually in a secret place, for future use. Imagine you have to write a story, so you dip into your magical stash and grab a few ideas. You need to write an article or query for a magazine with a fresh angle, so you sneak into your idea reserve and develop an outline from one of your many choices.

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Your Submission Questions Answered (Part 1)

As promised, this is the first post where I’ll respond to your submission questions. My experience comes from trial and error, study, conferences and conversations.

This week I will tackle the submission questions I’ve received and next week I’ll cover questions about contests. This is the plan. However, I am open to changing it. If your question has not been answered, please ask.

Now, drumroll please…

Guidelines and Submission QuestionsWritng-woman-freelance

1) What are some sources I can use to create an effective cover letter for my pitch?

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Will You Submit a Question About Submissions?

Recently, I’ve received questions about the submission process for short stories and articles. I’d like to do some posts about the chances I’ve taken, some of the missteps I’ve made and the successes I’ve had.

writing - question - emoticonThere are some writers who have more experience and I may point you to some of them. But there isn’t anyone who has had my experiences; unless they’re in some weird parallel universe. If so,

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Writing: Shorts, Stats, and Sales

Writing: Shorts and Stats 2One purpose of this blog is sharing my writing journey. Today I’m pulling back the curtain regarding my experience writing smaller pieces between 200-250 words, often called shorts. Many of these are devotions, poems, shorter stories, and even greeting cards. They can also be fillers, bios, or short columns.

These are submitted as completed manuscripts rather than through inquiry or assignment. This is only one aspect of things I’ve done.

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