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Important Twitter Advice a Little Birdie Told Me

Not all writers excel at crafting tweets.

Before my first tweet, I studied various articles about Twitter. Some had advanced techniques. Others covered Twitter basics. But I learned many key strategies hands-on. The wisdom I gained by doing so will help you with efficiency and with annoying fewer people. I’ll assume you know some basics. Twitter is a great tool for writers and bloggers when used correctly.

Another post I wrote,

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Gaining Attention without Losing Ground…A Few Thoughts

You have heard the phrase, “pay attention.” You may have even joked, “I can’t afford to pay attention.” I heard these words this week in a different context and it made me stop and think. This is the way it read:

“You can pay for attention, or you can earn it.”Writing - money - attention

Whoa. Let that sink in.

You can hire the big guns and the fancy pants to put your name up in lights,

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