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How to Create an Idea Stash in 30 Minutes a Day

Have you ever wished you had an idea stash?

A stash is something stored away, usually in a secret place, for future use. Imagine you have to write a story, so you dip into your magical stash and grab a few ideas. You need to write an article or query for a magazine with a fresh angle, so you sneak into your idea reserve and develop an outline from one of your many choices.

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Things Your Inner-Editor Needs to Hear You Say

You know your inner-editor.

He or she interrupts your creativity to tell you that you’ve misplaced a comma, or that you’ve used the wrong version of the word two. At the rigWriting-Computers-and coffeeht time, your inner-editor can enhance your writing. But sometimes you need to have a few words with that persistent punctuation pesterer and send them out for a latte so that you can get some work done.

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3 Writing Roadblocks and Detours that Work!

Who doesn’t hate roadblocks? Every day you travel the same road. Then suddenly, you’re asked to take an unfamiliar road and then another. It slows you down. In writing, we can hit roadblocks too. Often we can’t move forward without discerning what the roadblock is. If you find yourself in uncharted territory or suddenly a bit turned around, you might be asking yourself:

Why am I not writing? Why am I not taking that next step?

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