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Have You Completely Missed Out on Valuable Writing Assignments?

Is it possible? You’ve submitted to everyplace everywhere. Is there a missing page in those writing books? Did that writing seminar leave something out?  Seminars, reading, submitting and even self-publishing are ways to success, and partial definitions of it. But, they’re not the only ones.

Why not give yourself a writing assignment? But that’s not how it works, right? It might surprise you; this is the path some renowned writers have taken.

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A Tribute to People

A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled, For the Love of Words. Today, I want to apologize. Oh, not for the post. It’s an expressive piece on word power. It received good feedback. But, I have recently discussed the current news, including some cases of bullying, with a few different people. I mentioned that previous post and said that Mechanical-Pencil holding tipperhaps we needed to better teach responsibility for the power of our words and actions.

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Writing Journey: For the Love of Words

 I believe every writer, author, poet, or editor begins their journey with a love of words. Some may lose it along the way. Juggling words can become a chore instead of a labor of love; but I’m thankful for those who never lose this passion.

Sherlock bookSince I was young, I remember always doing two things: reading and writing. I remember writing a short story in high school that received an A+.

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"A writer looks at a screen or piece of paper like a canvas. They see a country unexplored, a picture unpainted, a tale not told. They dare to venture into the barren land, explore its dark corners, and paint its pictures. Then they unveil the epic with the goal of compelling people to visit their newly discovered territory.”
Peter D. Mallett

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