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Not Writing? Get a Better Excuse Here

Writing - Dog - SchnauzerThe schnauzer puppy (from my very first posting) ate today’s post. Who hasn’t tried some variant of this age-old excuse? In print it dates back to at least 1964, when a Connecticut newspaper reported on a train passenger who said to the conductor, “I’m sorry, my dog ate my ticket.” The conductor replied, “Then I suggest you buy him a second helping.”

In the short time I’ve been blogging I’ve seen many posts that begin with,

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What is Writing?

"A writer looks at a screen or piece of paper like a canvas. They see a country unexplored, a picture unpainted, a tale not told. They dare to venture into the barren land, explore its dark corners, and paint its pictures. Then they unveil the epic with the goal of compelling people to visit their newly discovered territory.”
Peter D. Mallett

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