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Passionately and Purposely Pushing Forward

I didn’t post last month. I often publish sparingly in December because internet (and interstate) traffic is slow. This year something remarkable and unexpected happened. A pile o’ people found Writing in Color and signed up during December. Welcome. I trust you’ve already found value in the site. I look forward to hearing from new creative folks with varied experiences and ideas. Don’t be shy!

If you’ve just signed up to receive updates,

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Writing Process Blog Hop

I’m doing something a tad unusual.

I’m excited to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop. I don’t do blog awards, but this is different.

  • I introduce the writer who invited me.
  • I answer 4 writing questions.
  • Introduce 2 or 3 other writers.

This fits with my blog’s purpose to encourage writing and writers.

It also interested me because there were no rigid rules as to when I had to fit my post in either.

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How to be Creatively Organized (Part 2)

I won’t make the case for being over-the-top organized. I’m not, and I don’t think that I should change to be so. Trying would likely stress me out as much as my “mess” wouMagifyer 2ld stress out the person who is meticulously organized. However, I’ve talked to several writers, artists and creative people who want to improve in this area.

It’s important to try different ideas and build your own system.

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Creatively Kicking Clichés to the Curb

In my last post, I described trying to write when it just wasn’t happening as “swimming in spaghetti”. A couple of people commented on that being an apt and original way of Mechanical-Pencil holding tipdescribing the experience. It also fit me because I’m Italian and could picture just how difficult it could be tangling with spaghetti.

However in my original draft I simply had “sinking in quicksand”.

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Can You Really Trust the Magazine Editor?

I founded and led a writer’s group for several years. One of the questions that came up often was:

“Can I trust the editor of the magazine with my story or idea?”

Some members seemed to think they would not be paid if compensation was offered or their story would get used without credit. In my mind, there are only two options. First option – send something out.

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