How to be Creatively Organized (Part 2)

I won’t make the case for being over-the-top organized. I’m not, and I don’t think that I should change to be so. Trying would likely stress me out as much as my “mess” wouMagifyer 2ld stress out the person who is meticulously organized. However, I’ve talked to several writers, artists and creative people who want to improve in this area.

It’s important to try different ideas and build your own system.

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Why Creative People Need to be Organized (Part 1)

Is organization the enemy of creativity? Is it true that analytical people excel at order and creative people don’t? Maybe; but there are several important reasons why you might need to learn some techniques for “getting it together” and even remembering where you put “it” afterwards.

1. Keep more of your moneyFree- Writing- Free or Not

Now that I have your attention, let me ask a few questions. Have you ever repurchased something you lost,

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Happy New Year plus Something Free

Greetings friends,

Some new people have followed since my last post. Welcome! I usually post three to four times a month, except December. In December, traffic is slow on the internet and much slower everywhere else (and don’t even mention parking). I appreciate the visitors to my blog and especially those who park and sit a spell. I’ll have a new post soon. Until then, I wanted to say I enjoyed the holidays and I hope you did too.

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You’re Writing it all Wrong… Maybe Not!

Do you know what the common thing about all creative people is? They’re all different. That’s the difficulty with trying to teach someone writing. The way I do it may not work for you. Have you even been told you don’t write the right way? There are rules for grammar, punctuation, and organization. Those are the agreed upon road signs that let the reader know where they’re going. But, how you write is as individual as you are.

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Our Legacy: A Few Thoughts, an Editor, and a Holiday

I didn’t write a Thanksgiving post before Thanksgiving last year. My blog at that time was only a few months old. I did write a post a week later detailing some of the things I was thankful for as a writer – some things that didn’t exist when I started writing. It is titled “Computers, Conferences, and Coffee”.

In this post, I chose something different. When I’m stuck for inspiration,

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How to Continue to Write Without Neglecting Friends and Family

Writing is a solitary experience. Send all of your friends away, lock the door, put your butt in the chair and write, right? This is true, but often the inspirationMechanical-Pencil_hand writing 2 to write comes from hanging out with friends, chatting with family and from our everyday experiences. How can you have the time to get serious about writing, find time to keep up with family and friends, and make sure your pets don’t die in the process?

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Really, There Are No Secrets

I’m going to tell you something personal.

In the past 22 months, I’ve lost 50 pounds. People have noticed, and it’s a good feeling. Often someone blurts out, “What did you do?”

I listened to my doctor’s advice, and decided I was going to do what was necessary. I researched nutrition, learned to cut hidden sugars and fats, and I exercised. Then, I told a few people so they could keep me accountable.

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Writing Article Endings that Won’t Leave You Dangling

Considering my last post about eradicating cliché’s, I’ll try to refrain from saying, “all’s well that ends well,” but like most clichéd sayings there’s some truth in it. A pleasing article ending is like a pleasant dessert. It’s the cup of coffee or the satisfying tiramisu that completes the meal. It doesn’t trail off, or leave you dangling on the edge of understanding.

I will admit closing strong is one thing that is not easy for me,

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Creatively Kicking Clichés to the Curb

In my last post, I described trying to write when it just wasn’t happening as “swimming in spaghetti”. A couple of people commented on that being an apt and original way of Mechanical-Pencil holding tipdescribing the experience. It also fit me because I’m Italian and could picture just how difficult it could be tangling with spaghetti.

However in my original draft I simply had “sinking in quicksand”.

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Do You Know When to Delete Your Hard Work?

You know that feeling.

You’ve been writing for an hour and you’re not sure if any of it is usable. Each word you write feels like you’re swimming in spaghetti. Every time you pound the keys, the grip around your gut gets tighter. How do you know when to highlight the text, hover over the delete key and punch it?Writing-Enter Button-When to delete your article

If any of the following scenarios apply it might be time.

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