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Hello!  To inquire about my writing services, you use the email address at left. My writing talent and experiences includes a range of areas such as, articles, blog posts, short stories, devotional and inspirational material, and more.

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If  you didn’t want to leave a comment in the posts feel free to email me as well. I’ll do my best to respond. Please remember that although email happens with a “Zip, Bap, and a Bing”, valuable answers usually don’t.  Please give me enough time to answer. Do you have an idea for a blog post? I’d love to hear it.


Writing in Color - Eraser…as well as anyone with a good eye, occasionally, you might even find a typo or two on these blog pages. Do I want to know about it? You bet I do. I want my page to look as professional as possible, but I will never claim perfection. So go ahead…connect.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my Blog and even more so for the comments. Thank you for the encouragement. Word Press is indeed fantastic!

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"A writer looks at a screen or piece of paper like a canvas. They see a country unexplored, a picture unpainted, a tale not told. They dare to venture into the barren land, explore its dark corners, and paint its pictures. Then they unveil the epic with the goal of compelling people to visit their newly discovered territory.”
Peter D. Mallett

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