Finish Strong: End of the Year Writing Goals

NOTE: This was originally published Saturday (Aug 9) but due a site problem, it was lost. I re-posted it to keep myself accountable and because it’s an important post.

Year end goals? What? It’s only August. Yep, seven months are already history (plus a week or so, in August).

What do you want to accomplish before 2015? I’m sharing my goals, hoping that it will inspire you too.

Did you set some goals at the beginning of 2014? If you did, I hope you’re on track. If you haven’t, you can start now and plan to finish the year strong.

My main goal, of course, has to do with actual writing. My goal is to have 125 writing submissions, or writing inquiries, sent out, or new contacts made by December 31st. Five months are left. I am including blog posts in this goal. Two of them will share my progress. One in Mid-October, and one around January 1st. Working this goal backwards equates to about 25 per month, or about one a day with a few days break in-between. For a professional freelancer this isn’t lofty. My Writing - Keys - Notepadfriend Thomas Smith who writes full-time told me he shoots for two to three a day.

In the past I set a goal of 20 in a month and I hit it. But I also wanted to do it for 6 months and only hit that goal twice in that six month period. So for me, it’s a challenge. I want to build momentum again, after an intentional slow period in my writing life.

Whatever writing goals you set you can use this simple process.

  • Set the longer goal.
  • Work the goal backwards.

(figure out what it requires, each month, week, and each day)

  • Decide if it is doable.
  • Commit to doing it.
  • Check yourself mid-week, mid-month, and mid-point for the entire goal.

(Are you on track or do you have to catch up?)

I would also like meet more creative people and increase the number of people following the Writing in Color blog. This is a less tangible goal, but I am learning new things every day about twitter, traffic, and audience.

If you meant to sign-up for Writing in Color blog updates, but you zipped off, after being highly motivated to write, that’s ok. You can do it at the bottom of this post, or at the top left column of the page (I could put a form here in the middle too, but I don’t want to seem too presumptuous). I started using MailChimp so that the update emails look amazing. As a thank you, you’ll receive a link to a fun 5-page glossary of writing terms you should know.

I’ve recently hit a thousand followers on Twitter and I have enjoyed meeting people through that medium. If you are new to Twitter you might want to read this article I wrote on the things I’ve learned.

If you have a blog that is about any aspect of writing, art, or photograpy, give me a holler and I will check out your Twitter page. If we have similar interest I’ll follow back and if your interests mesh with my followers I’ll retweet when I can. There is a little puzzle for you to figure out on my Twitter page (only a few people have answered correctly). If you figure it out, sent me a DM (direct message) rather than tweeting it out.

Those are my goals and I’m eager to see what happens in the next 5 months. What about you? What are your goals for year’s end? Did you set some in January? Are you catching up? On track? Are you inspired to set some goals and run the race with me?

I’d love to hear, leave a comment below so we can encourage each another.

And if you’re still looking for that chance to sign-up for blog updates here it is:

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4 comments on “Finish Strong: End of the Year Writing Goals
  1. Claire says:

    Great goals, good luck with them! I do something similar with word count goals on my novel/series – I normally have a rough idea of the word count the whole thing, decide on the deadline then work backwards to get a daily goal. I’ve been trying to get better at being more realistic, as I have a bad habit of deciding that I can absolutely write 3000 words everyday (on top of work and everything else) then basing my goals on that. I’m trying to aim for 1000 words a day because I know that most days I can write more than that, so with some off-days it should balance out… hopefully!!
    Claire recently posted…Powder Keg Episode 2: In the NightMy Profile

    • Hi Claire, I have the same thing happen to me. There are days when I exceed, and days when I miss the goal, but I do think having the plan helps everything to balance out in the long run. 🙂

  2. Gwenn Panny says:

    I know, right? Time flies so fast and yet I feel like I haven’t done much.
    Gwenn Panny recently posted…Click Here To ReadMy Profile

    • Hi Gwenn, It does go by fast. That’s why I decided to do this post and planning now. A lot of businesses talk about last quarter (four months). I thought if I started five months out I’d do better.

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