Writing Journey: For the Love of Words

 I believe every writer, author, poet, or editor begins their journey with a love of words. Some may lose it along the way. Juggling words can become a chore instead of a labor of love; but I’m thankful for those who never lose this passion.

Sherlock bookSince I was young, I remember always doing two things: reading and writing. I remember writing a short story in high school that received an A+. Other people seemed to like it too. What more could you ask for?

I enjoy learning new words and observing people. I remember the day I learned a certain new word. I often listened to the stories of other people with more attentiveness than my own tales. When I was particularly interested I would say something like, “That’s interesting to me. Can you tell please tell me more about it?” Then I learned the word “elaborate” and I could say the same thing with just two words, “Please, elaborate.”

Writing-Computers and Coffee 2I’m fascinated with how certain words mean different things to various people. To one person, an institution is a bank, to a second it’s a place of higher learning, and to a third it’s a building that patients with extreme mental disorders call home. To one a CD is a bank investment, to another it’s something containing music or a backup of information.

Certain people today don’t realize the inherent power of spoken and written words. They write in haste, speak in anger, and refuse to see the teetering mountain of consequences about to crumble. I’ve learned that hastily spoken words are bitter when you have to eat them.

Still others rejoice over words that make people weep. But words have a strange way of returning to the person they came from. They’re yours and you’ll have to live in their company. If you use words only as weapons and manipulative tools, you build a prison for yourself.

  • Words can build walls around us or expand our boundaries.
  • Words can be hatefully hurled or they can provide health and healing.
  • They can incite wars or unite nations.

A few encouraging words can simply brighten someone’s day, or even change the course of someone’s life. I’ve had both Writing - quote wisest wordsexperiences.

The lives we enjoy are largely established with our words. This includes:

  • The words we chose to speak or write boldly.
  • The words we should have written or spoken
  • The words that we wisely choose not to speak (or write).

Choose to love words and love others; chose words that can help and heal. You may be remembered for being a person of many words or a person of a few words, but the people whom you’ve truly touched will remember exactly what those words were.

This writing isn’t intended to be critical.  It is simply my observation. I wrote the bulk of this a few years back. I found it again recently and it still seemed important. I realized it paralleled some of the reasons I wanted to start this “Writing in Color” blog. When I discovered it again, I reworked it until it felt finished.

I offer it here as a part of my writing journey. If you see value in it, there’s probably a good chance you love words too. Leave a few of your own down below or pass them on to someone else; for the love of words.

Until next time, keep writing.


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31 comments on “Writing Journey: For the Love of Words
  1. dana mentink says:

    So true. Words have power, so much power!

  2. susieklein says:

    Add me to the list of readers who love words and the way you have arranged them for this post! Ha! We are “word-arrangers”! I like that! Thank you for your encouraging comments on my writing site!

  3. Oludami says:

    “Choose to love words and love others; chose words that can help and heal. You may be remembered for being a person of many words or a person of a few words, but the people whom you’ve truly touched will remember exactly what those words were.”
    I will definitely tweet this!
    I remember writing on Facebook on Sunday; ‘One day, my pen will heal the sick and mend broken hearts’.
    I love words so much, and the more I experiment with words, the more it seems I can’t get enough. I pray to always use my gift wisely.
    Thanks for helping me find this awesome post.

  4. Daniele says:

    I don’t have a blog yet as I am new to this wonderful world of freelance writing. Your words are graceful, strong, and true. More importantly for were i am in mylife they are well timed. I am turning my life around with words. They have always been a secret lover of mine, which out of fear I thoughin the closet every time someone came around. Thank you for tgis post it was inspirational and Iook forward to discovering your blog.

    • Daniele, Thanks for your comment, glad to know this encouraged you, and that it was timely. I hope you enjoy other posts, and if you have suggestions for topics let me know.

  5. Beautifully said, Peter. Words are a wonderful gift AND a powerful weapon, and the more we understand them, the more useful they are (either way). Thanks for sharing yours.

  6. Willi says:

    I needed this! Someone’s words hurt me yesterday. Thanks for reminding us of our responsibility to choose words carefully.

  7. Erica says:

    I love words. Always have, always will. And I love being a “caretaker” of words. Peter, this is one of your loveliest posts. It’s a good reminder. And now, it’s one of my favorites. Well done.

  8. This a very helpful post and reminder of how we need to use our words wisely.

  9. noirfifre says:

    Words are so powerful because they come from the heart. I love words, love how different they sound with different emotions. I love learning new words, I may never use them in a sentence but I like understanding their meaning. During the week I came across an old notebook of words I wrote down with their meaning. I am not so dedicated in writing them in a notebook but I scribble them over bookmarks, at the back of my old faithful scrap book.

  10. Cate Macabe says:

    This post is a great reminder of the power of words. As dmswriter said, writers have a responsibility. And the words we speak might be even more powerful because they tend to be more personal — if they are harmful, they can never be undone or truly taken back.

    • dmswriter says:

      You’re right, Cate. Words can never be undone or truly taken back, and their weight can linger for a long time. We live in an age where it’s great to be connected, but at the same time, there’s a disconnect. That sometimes makes it too easy to spout off! Would you say the same thing if that person were standing right in front of you? 🙂

  11. That’s an engaging article Peter. I too, love words, and the way they can help and comfort, inspire and refresh.

  12. Christine says:

    “I’ve learned that hastily spoken words are bitter when you have to eat them.” Ahh, words that resonated with me. Too often I speak before my brain is engaged. This applies more than ever to social media these days. One can all too easily reply in a knee-jerk fashion to critical/provocative/weird/stupid posts & comments. Words are powerful tools – use them wisely!

    • So True, Christine and what some don’t realize is that words on social media will last too. There are tools that record twitter remarks. And even when pages are taken down there are tools like “The Way Back Machine” that can pull up things that aren’t even up anymore. I’d say we have to be wiser than ever.

  13. dmswriter says:

    Very well said, Peter! I believe all writers have a responsibility to use their gift wisely, to make sure their words help and encourage others.

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