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In combing the internet, you stumble upon a lot of junk, but you still do it for those times that you find real gems. When you find them, you can hide them or you can tell others where you found the goods. I like to share what I find. I especially enjoy sharing those items that are both helpful and free. Yes, some “free” software has adware and spyware, but others do not and are cWriting - gems gemsreated by some wonderful people.

Quite a while back I posted ten such gems I found in the post You Could Spend a Fortune. Since then, I’ve put a few more miles on my internet highway racecar and I found a few more.

Cate Macabe also recently posted about her favorite free writing resources on her blog. Check out her list as well. Although I use some of them, I won’t repeat any of those here. None of the items below are affiliate links, just some helpful resources from generous folks.

So put your wallet away, sharpen your pencil and gas up your internet vehicle.Writing - gems racecar


Icons etc. is a free clip art site. Most of these are icons, but I think they would be helpful for business and instructional sites and for use in creating brochures. You can download a single icon or a whole matching collection.

Open Clip art – Another clip-art site where you can download collections or single images. It also has a program to edit images right on the site.

Music or Voice Editing

Audacity – If you use audio clips on your site, Audacity is free software you can download that can record and edit music or sound clips. It is extremely easy to use (I figured it out). I used this software to edit a song that I purchased for my wedding.  I used it to clip the beginning and ending so that it would fit a certain time slot.


PDF creator – has a free PDF creator. If you need to send PDF documents for a project and don’t want to pay hundreds for Adobe or another Writing - stack foldersimilar program, this free program may do the trick. I have not personally used this one, but it looks like a good open-source product.

Zip-Unzip – You can zip and unzip large files easily with a free program from


Firefox is a free browser program that can do a lot more than other standard browsers. It has simple drag and drop features and easy secure browsing pages. Click the link to watch a handy video that can help you determine if it’s right for you.

 One More Mega-list, mentioned above, has a huge list of free or nearly free things all over the web.

When it comes to gems, we all have our favorite kinds. Between this list, my previous post, Cate Macabe’s favorites and the mega list at the end of this post, you’re sure to find something that sparkles for you. You may even put some money back in your pocket.

writing - gems share roadDo you have a favorite little or no cost resource you think should be listed?

Leave a comment below.

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6 comments on “Free Resources – Sparkling Gems of the Internet
  1. Erica says:

    Yes, thank you, Peter, for another great and helpful list. To make tiny URLs for Twitter, I like It’s fast, free and helps shorten up those character counts.

  2. Don Ford says:

    A tip that can be repeated and repeated. Don’t post these long links when you are trying to get folks to read your works or go to your special sites. Instead go to google and google tiny url or and copy the long link line and paste it into the box provided and they will convert to a very short read and link. Works as well as the long one does. (Same link as above) Once you use this link you’re spoiled.

    Cheers, Don

    • That’s two votes in a row for Tinyurl as being helpful. Thanks Don. The best part of using it is that you’re links will never get broken because they carry over to another line.

  3. Cate Macabe says:

    Thanks, Peter, for another great list (and thank you for linking to my blog — twice)! For free images, I also like to use

    • You’re welcome, I was just going to go to your page to tell you I’d done so, but you already knew. 🙂
      Thanks I’ll check it out. You can’t have too many picture resources.

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