Do You Trust Yourself Enough to Write From Your Heart?

Can you remember the life story that taught you a life lesson? How about an article that showed you a new way of thinking, or the short story that made you feel emotional – good or bad? Perhaps another time you even laughed so hard your ribs hurt. I’ll bet certain writings and writers come to mind.

It might be an inspirational poem, a non-stop adventure, or a heart-wrenching personal struggle, but when you finished you knew it was time well spent. The author had the guts to write life rather than simply string words together. Whether it was their experience or someone else’s, they found a unique way to communicate it.

They trusted.

They believed their words had substance. That’s what I call writing in color, and that’s hard work. It needs to be free of clutter and polished. Words that are full of life are inWriting - trustfused with who you are. Writing in color requires believing that people will connect with you. It means moving beyond yourself and thinking about whose life your words might enrich.

Do you trust that…?

1. Your good experiences are good enough.

You may not have the success of Max Lucado in the area of inspiration or the sales record of Tom Clancy for military suspense, but in your writing journey you have learned things that are valuable. You’ve experienced things that people can relate to. Trust that what you have to share has an audience, whether in story form or how-to article. You just have to discover it, and then find your unique angle.

2. Your challenges are relatable.

We tend to downplay our difficulties. This can be good; it helps us get through them. But sometimes you need to tell your individual story. You may not have the experience of sleeping under a bridge and then rising to become a well-known business speaker and author, like Andy Andrews, but there are folks that will relate to your life experiences. It’s harder to write about those experiences, but few writers connect by sharing only their happy days. Your difficulties and specific challenges may be what someone needs to hear – today.

3. Your heart is beautiful.

You might not think it is, but your human experiences have made you who you are. If you are a mature person, your experiences have helped you make important decisions, Writing - heart imageform concrete opinions, and develop worthwhile relationships. People have helped you learn along the way. Decide to give back. Allow others to learn from you. Your life matters.

If you do…

…Be faithful. Everyone who has been writing for some time has had someone tell them that their “timing was perfect”. The book came at the right time, the post was put up on the day they needed to read it, or even the card, letter, or note arrived the day the receiver longed to know someone cared.

But, the writer knows the truth; the card was sent a day or two before, the post was conceived at a different time, and the book was worked on for several years. The writer was simply faithful to write, and to get their words into print. They knew they could do no good otherwise. Words need readers. Your experiences are “good enough.” Your difficulties are relatable, and your heart is beautiful. Send your words out.

You’ll be amazed at what they can do.


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18 comments on “Do You Trust Yourself Enough to Write From Your Heart?
  1. Linda says:

    Like you said, this is just what I needed to read today! Thank you for this encouragement and inspiration. 🙂

  2. Ajule says:

    The phrase “Writing in Color” – three simple words that resonated deep with me. It was like a big klunk on the head, an ah-hah moment, a sudden clarity of thought that might happen in the shower. Thanks!
    As a painter I often describe my style as “photo-shopping with oil paint and a brush”. That is because I paint in color. Not just the color that is obviously there upon viewing a scene; the color that my imagination sees and wants to exaggerate. So the shadows even become more beautiful – at least, that is my goal.
    I am going to continue with blogging and hope my posts accurately reflect the colors of my personality.
    Thank you again.

    • Ajule, thank you so much for such an encouraging comment. Go for it. I don’t know if you read the writing in color post that was linked from this one, but that one was the second post to this blog when I started it and the idea behind writing in color. I think you’d like it too. I will keep checking back on your blog too.

      • Ajule says:

        Thanks, Peter. I have set aside all your articles to be savored and digested later in the day. I want to be able to devote adequate time to the reading. So glad I found you!

  3. I like your gentle reminder that “your experiences are good enough.” For years, I balked at sending queries to magazines for fear of sounding like a beginner. I felt that I didn’t know enough to sound intelligent. In the last few months, thanks in large part to a wonderful counselor, I learned that I DO know “enough.”

    “Enough” is relative. I’m an expert in a couple of subjects and quite knowledgeable in many others. I’m able to carry on a conversation in those that I’m unfamiliar with (asking questions works wonders and allows the other person to show their expertise in the matter). I’m ignorant in a wide swath of subjects (the main mechanics of science, technology and cars come to mind).

    But, all of that is perfectly ME.

    Thank you for the entire article. As in the poem: Keep a-goin’!

    • Thanks so much for the ecouragement. I’m glad it helped and I’m glad that you have found your place to write. You can find experts to quote or inteview, but it is people skilled at writing who should write the article.

  4. Thank you, Peter, for reminding me of how other authors have encouraged me through their writing (as you have just done). This makes me feel even more respect for the written word and the art of writing.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Erica says:

    Great post, Peter. Especially #3, Your Heart is Beautiful. There’s a tendency to downplay our experiences as unimportant when compared to someone else’s, both good and bad. But our life is what makes us unique. Everyone has something valuable to offer.

  6. mcwoman says:

    Peter – I’ve had several people say that I gave them inspiration to keep going. That’s better than royalties.

  7. Cate Macabe says:

    Thank you for the reminder that sharing my life experiences could make a difference to someone. My problem is in finding (as you say) “a unique way to communicate” them. Someday I hope to have the courage to write from the heart.

    • Cate, sometimes just telling it in your voice is enough, it just depends on what you’re writing about. (PS. I had a teacher who always said someday wasn’t on the calendar) 🙂

    • dmswriter says:

      You already have a unique voice, Cate – it’s yours!! No one else in the world will write like you do, so just start. Not every attempt will be successful, but once you get going, your “voice” will emerge. 🙂

  8. Thanks for this encouraging post. I recently received some flak for posting my life story as in “How can you have suffered from depression in your life, when you have 4 children and a big house?” which was a bit off-putting. But there are always the comments where someone tells you that your writing has touched or even helped them, which makes it all worthwhile.

    • Hi, Thanks for commenting. Since my Mom is Bi-Polar and I have close friends whom depression has touched, I realize that the person’s comment simply revealed they understand nothing about it. Simply take it as that and move on. I’m glad that you have recieved encouragement as well.

      (PS. You should add a link to your wordpress address on your avitar profile. I always have to put transitionstande into a search engine to find your site again. It’s a a good thing that is unique).

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