Research Ideas You May Have Missed (part 1)

As promised, my next two to three posts will deal with research methods and ways for finding new markets. Authors, freelancers and business people have to do this on a regular basis. It’s hard to separate the two because doing research will often provide you with ideas for new markets and thoughts about new projects. I suggest keeping a separate notepad nearby just for information you find that could be used at a later date. I also asked a few folks about their research methods and I will be sharing some of their answers as well.

Rodney Ruff who is a writer in various technical fields said,

Papillion City Hall

Papillion City Hall (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

“[I use] the library, at least for much of the genealogical research I’ve done. I combed through microfilm copies of the Papillion Times (Papillion is a suburb of Omaha, where I live) to produce narratives of what my Ruff and Zeeb ancestors did from their arrival in Sarpy County (the county Papillion is county seat of) until the deaths of my great-great grandparents. I’ve also found microforms of maps showing the land my great-grandparents owned in Grand Island. A cousin provided me with Sarpy County records related to the family before she retired. I’ve also drawn on my personal reference library – dictionary, thesaurus, style guides, etc. – for some of the writing I’ve done.”

At the library:

1. Bacon’s Media Directory: Covers every daily newspaper in the U.S. and Canada and over 21,000 trade and consumer magazines, papers, and journals.

2. Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters:

  • 14,000 U.S. and Canada consumer, association and business newsletters in 255 categories
  • Provides, locations, phone and fax numbers, websites, staff, descriptions, target audience, and many other factors.     Writing: Research and New Markets

3. Encyclopedia of Associations: A comprehensive source for over 159, 000 non-profit organizations worldwide.

4. Interlibrary loan has two operations: borrowing and lending.

  • A borrowing library sends an owning library a request to borrow, photocopy, or scan materials needed by their patron.
  • The owning library fills the request by sending materials to the borrowing library or supplies a reason why it cannot fill the request.
  • If the item is sent, the borrowing library notifies the patron when the item arrives.
  • Fun-Fact: The Interlibrary loan system started back in 1886 (It might be good I didn’t know about this growing up. I spent enough time at the library.)


1. Consider local newspapers, and local officials.

2. Check your local Chamber of Commerce.Writng - Research - sign

3. City council meetings

4. Doctor’s offices: Do they have a newsletter or website? If they do great, if not, they might be interested in starting one.

5. Local business people: Research upcoming events, newsletters, books or booklets.

6. Hospitals PR departments:

7. Lawyer’s offices: (see # 4)

8. Police and other local law enforcement: I have a friend, Christy Barritt, who took a citizen’s course with our local FBI office as research for her suspense/crime novels.

Whew! I know that is a lot. Hopefully, that will hold you over until next week. The next post will have further information and more responses from writers and authors.

Keep Writing (and researching).

Share the knowledge.
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4 comments on “Research Ideas You May Have Missed (part 1)
  1. neocup says:

    I Love this! Like a “glossary” for writers! Thanks!

  2. tyroper says:

    Great info. Thanks!

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