A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Purpose

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkegaard

When I started writing this blog, I had three purposes in mind.

1. Sharing my writing journey; showing the victories and difficulties of freelance writing.
2. Expressing my thoughts on the craft of writing and encouraging other people who want to write better for their profession or their pleasure. Many have encouraged me.
3. Writing weekly as a discipline and having a place to show clips.

Writing - organize - 123I’ve worked to achieve and juggle all three of these objectives at the same time. In the process, I’ve met authors such as Dana Mentink, Nicolas Conley, Frances Guenette, Charmaine Gordon, Barbara Celeste McCloskey, Cate Macabe, and Janalyn Voigt. I’ve interacted with many different kinds of writers like freelance writers Erica Hayes, Rebecca R. Vincent, Susie Klein, and Dawn-Renee Rice. Some bloggers like Dionne Custer Edwards are writers and teachers.

Other writers share the challenges and craft of blog posting like the trio over at Rule of Three. I’ve even bumped into some editors like Candace Johnson.

I’ve also discovered some poets. Dominic R. DiFrancesco is a favorite. He’s talented in different forms of poems (and his first name is the same as my middle name, except for a slight difference in spelling).

When I was looking for good conversation and good recipes, My Mom Thoughts was there. And I just found a new place to drop in – Muffins and Mocha.Writing-Computers-and coffee

I can’t mention everyone, or this post would be too long. I do appreciate everyone who has stopped by and visited. I also appreciate some of the newest people to discover my place to write. I hope you find something worthwhile. Travelers’ sites have allowed me to experience the world through their eyes. Artists have challenged my creativity and stretched my ideas. I’ve met graphic designers and photographers (I studied graphic arts and communication in high school). When I needed a break from writing and needed an encouraging thought, Pat Wood or Wendy McCance always had something to say. Harper Faulkner’s humorous style is always a pick-me-up.

Looking backward, as the above quote says, to when I started this blog, I realize that something else happened. I’ve made some friends. Maybe we don’tWriting - Dinner table have dinner every Thursday night, but any time you invest in someone else, it shows you care, even if it is only through words and knowledge. Even though I don’t get to read all of the posts of the blogs I follow, I do enjoy reading, exchanging ideas, and gaining new perspectives.

I also understand that you will not be able to read and comment on all of mine. For that reason, I value each comment you do take the time to make. I look at “likes” as fist bumps and I appreciate those too. I do hope that my words have been helpful and encouraging.

Thank you for sharing this journey of writing with me.

Share the knowledge.
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19 comments on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Purpose
  1. Erica says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the kind mention – I consider quite an honor. Like you, blogging is turning up some unexpected friends (including you). And like you, I appreciate every time someone stops by to read a post or leave a comment. That’s time out of their day.

    And, thanks for mentioning so many other blogs. Can’t wait to check them out. (Who couldn’t stand to make another friend?)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Peter–you are so sweet! Like you, I’ve found the unexpected benefit of blogging is exchanging ideas and gaining new perspectives–and making new friends!

  3. mcwoman says:

    Peter – How sweet of you to mention me in this post. Thank you. For years I’ve identified myself as a writer, but it’s been just recently that I took on the title “author,” which is still a little uncomfortable. Having you think of me that way helps me reinforce my self-image. Isn’t blogging the greatest?

  4. susieklein says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! I am honored to be included.

  5. Excellent post. The communal nature of blogs present us with an amazingly personal insight into worlds that were once invisible to us. That’s what makes blogs great, isn’t it? Unlike verbal communication, blogs give us the ability to engage in a sort of eternal colloquy with people we might’ve never met otherwise, free from the restrictions of linear time–since we’re all online, time and place don’t matter so much anymore.

    Anyway! You have a great blog here, keep it up.

  6. Karen J says:

    Peter ~ I think I ‘followed you home’ from a comment at Carol Tice’s (or from somebody else who commented at her place (http://www.makealivingwriting.com – props where they’re due!)) and this is yet another example of why I’m glad I did!

    This post is a beautiful synthesis of “Thank you note” and “Resource post”, as well as being a “Progress report” – in the vein of “Live like you’re writing a poem, not a police report” …

    Happy St. Patty’s weekend to you! ~ Karen

    • I love the phrase, “followed you home”. 🙂 I always try to mention how I found others pages too, because I know it helps them. I’m always encouraged by Carol Tice. I like your synopsis as well. Where is that qoute from?

      • Karen J says:

        Thank you, and thank you, Peter! 🙂

        “Live like you’re writing a poem, not a police report” ~ I really can’t specifically track it back.
        I’m pretty sure it was on the web, rather than in a book or on TV or the radio (and I don’t *think* I made it up myself!); and within the last 6 or 8 months… but beyond that, my memory is as a black hole!

  7. Such a thoughtful post! I thank you for mentioning me and I appreciate your kind words. I look forward to following some of the links to expand my knowledge and reading list. Again, a great post. I always enjoy your writing.

  8. Cathy Laws says:

    The blogging community really seems to create a sense of belonging, especially when your candidly sharing ideas across the internet with one another. Best of luck in your future posts!

  9. What a wonderfully generous idea for a blog post 🙂 Thank you for the mention, but thanks even more for the links to so many really awesome bloggers. I am now following more than one or two. In the mega-million blog universe that WordPress is – we sometimes need the help of friends to figure out who to follow.

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