Computers, Conferences, and Coffee

I didn’t write a Thanksgiving post. I did read several that I really enjoyed. However, I am nurturing a grateful spirit. Today, instead of information, I’d like to take a light-hearted look at items I appreciate; things not available when I started writing.

Writing-Computers and Coffee 2Home Computers: I do remember writing with pen in school, and scribbling stories on scrap paper. Around twelve, I had a manual typewriter my grandmother let me take. I reveled in the bell’s “ding” and slapping the carriage back. I didn’t delight in the strength it took to punch the keys. I was two-finger typing then. I learned proper typing in high school on an electric model, one hour a day. We had a computer lab. (I think we got to use those about an hour a week). I don’t miss ribbons or correction tape. I’m thankful daily for the miracle of cut and paste.

For nostalgic types, there are free programs that will bring the sound of a typewriter to your computer. If that’s you, here’s another fun link.

Writing-computers and Coffe 3Emails: I don’t spend much money on stamps. *One book I read mentioned sending 40,000 pieces of mail in 20 years of writing. Wow. I still mail a few things, but I must admit I like hovering over that send button for just a second, hitting send and then seeing “message sent” appear (no postage necessary).Writing: Not a Novel Idea

Information Highway: I still love librariesI spent many days at my local library. It seemed so huge, and full of information. I went back home recently for my brother’s wedding. I went into that same library. It seemed surprisingly small. There is still much to be said for history in local libraries, but I am also glad information is more accessible.

Writing-Computers-and coffeeKeurig: Yes, Keurig, that fancy machine that brews one cup of coffee. My wife and I received it as a wedding gift. We also have two of the mini filters that allow you to use regular ground coffee rather buying the expensive pre-measured cups. I like not making a whole pot. What does it have to do with writing? It’s coffee, piping hot, one cup at a time. Hello? I appreciate tea, but coffee in the morning helps get my thoughts in a row and my ducks in order (I need more coffee).

Conferences and Fellowships – When I started writing, I knew no one else who wrote. According to historical professor Ann Ruggles Gere in, “Writing Groups History Theory and Implications”, writing groups have been in existence for more than a hundred years. Although, today finding others writers, critique groups or a conference is easier. I’ve met lots of helpful and humble people. Even though it creates competition, there seems to be a writer gene that makes us want to gather with others and wrestle with words (I’m not sure what Edgar Allan Poe was wrestling with, or if he was ever in a writing group).

So those are mine, what are you grateful for today?

*Book Ref: 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing

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7 comments on “Computers, Conferences, and Coffee
  1. cjtrunk says:

    I have to say email has to definitely be on my top I’m grateful list. It has saved me so much time and money. I also get to stay in contact with so many friends I wouldn’t have been able to. All my friends are big travelers and are always in and out of state or abroad. Thanks for pointing that one out.

  2. It’s important to be grateful 🙂 And it’s a nice list!

  3. Joni says:

    The new technology is wonderful…though I also still love getting lost in a great library with “real” books! thanks for coming by and the “like”.

  4. Kim Vandel says:

    I also have fond memories of the library in my hometown. It was an old building – dark and mysterious – but that kind of building always has great stories waiting to be discovered.

  5. simplyenjoy says:

    Thanks for swinging by my page. I like your style!

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