Writing is Not Always a Novel Idea

Writing: Not a Novel Idea“So, you’re a writer? What is your book is about?”

If you are a freelance writer you’ve heard this phrase frequently. You may explain that you write short stories, devotions, how-to articles, as well as information pieces, advertising, and copy for websites.

“So one day you will write a book?”

“Maybe so” I might add, “Right now I’m content with what I’m doing.”

They don’t believe me.

For some people writing a book equals success, and doing other things equals a hobby. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this is a limited view of writing.

Some people will tell you they don’t read books, but they do read daily. They read the cereal box at breakfast, the bumper stickers on the way to work, and the life lesson printed on their Starbucks Pumpkin-Spiced-Latte cup. As they continue at work they read a vendor email, a department head memo, and check their blueberry muffin label for how many calories they’ll need to burn at the gym later.

Daily we view billboards, read newsletters, and watch television commercials inviting us to save 15% on car insurance. These things are written by someone. I am becoming more aware each day of how many occasions for writing I often overlook. Your friends may not swoon when they see your blurb on a french fry bag, or even your byline in an article as much as they might with your name on a book. The point is writing oportunities are all around you.

Another Example: Just yesterday my household received insurance offers from three different companies in the mail. There is likely a freelance writer somewhere who was paid for writing at least one of those promotions. (Although I don’t recommend you tell people you contribute to their junk mail).

Here are some things to consider:

Company histories and People profiles, Employee handbooks,

Company manuals, Videos, Powerpoint presentations, Speeches,

Packaging, Greeting cards, Displays, Calendars, Taglines/Slogans,

Vision Statements, Questionnaires and Surveys,

Phone scripts, Menus, Tray liners,

Emails, Letters, Flyers


Then there is the medium you are viewing right now – online content. This includes product descriptions, articles, and frequently asked question sections. Other things needed may be customer testimonies, contests, and about me/us pages. In fact, some of the things previously mentioned for print are also needed in an online format.

Here is where the freelance writer shines. Not everyone is good at writing. Those that are, don’t always enjoy it. When people find out you like writing and know you are reputable, you’ll be in demand. Don’t forget to charge well for your services.

What others ways can you think of where writers can get paid for their talents?

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