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Writing - timer- Rejection RevisitedHow do you eat the elephant in the room that you are ignoring? One bite at a time (yes, I know I am mixing metaphors a bit). The elephant that keeps coming up in writing is, “Where do I find the time?” The truth is we all have the same amount of time, we can only control how we manage it.

I am not a number cruncher, but check out the following:

1 hour a day x 6 days a week (take one day off) = 312 hours in one year. Divide 312 into the 24 hours in one day, and that equals 13 days. This means, in a year, you’ve written the equivalent of almost two weeks of continuous writing day and night. In just over three weeks (24 days) George Frideric Handel composed Messiah

Match Your Writing to Who You Are

I know there are different writing styles, but if you want to write you can find the time. In the book Time to Write more than 100 writers shared their creative times and how they worked their writing into the time they had. Do you see yourself in these?

The morning writer (self-explanatory; not usually me)
The After-hours writer (The other extreme; late night, others in bed and quiet)
The Office writer (gets to work early, stays a little afterwards and writes on breaks; free from distraction at home)
The Blitz writer (writes longer blocks of time such as weekends but less often)
Mini-blocks of time writer (15 minute of time here and there can produce longer works)
The Commute Writer (Not suggested for the driver; only for car-pool riders or partakers of public transportation)
The Any-Opportunity writer (someone who combines all of these to get their writing done – Me!)

The thing I want to communicate is, through creativity, schedules, and goal setting, we can find the time if we are looking for it. The question is: Do you want to trade some of your time now for the reward of saying, “I did it,” later on?

The Mason Jar Mentality

Have you heard about the rocks, the jar, and the business person?

Jars - Prime Time Writing (time to write) An experienced business person was speaking to a group of new managers. He filled a jar with five large rocks and then asked, “Is the jar full?”
“Yes,” the crowd replied. The speaker then took out a bag of pebbles and poured them in-between and asked again. The crowd replied, “Yes.”
He then opened a bag of sand, poured some in and asked once more.
“It’s full now,” someone replied.
The old man then uncapped a bottle of water and filled the jar still more.Then he asked the people, “What does this illustrate?” A young man spoke up,
“That no matter how full your schedule is you can still fit in more things?”
“No,” the speaker replied, “The rocks represent the greatest tasks that you have to do. All the other items are the less important stuff. If you don’t put the grand things in first, the other junk will fill up your jar. You will never be able to fit them in afterwards.”

Is writing your pebble, or your rock?

PS. This took about an hour, two times this week, to complete.

Time to Write: Professional writers reveal how to fit writing into your busy life (AF.)

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3 comments on “Prime Time – Writing
  1. Pat says:

    Hiya – said I’d pop over and take a look.
    Agree with all this. If you want to write, you have to make the time. And what’s more, if you want to write, you will always find the time. There are occasions, this week was one, when my life was totally hijacked by, well, life, but in general I have great support and I do pretty much what I want which is to write. I do find it funny though that the less time you have, the more ideas pour into your head demanding to be written!
    Maybe that’s because when half your head is so busy, the other half is able to get on and be creative. Weird or normal? Or maybe that’s just me.

  2. Janalyn Voigt says:

    That’s a great insight and so true. Thanks for sharing it.

    It’s fun to mix metaphors, but who wants to eat an invisible elephant?

    • Janalyn, good point, um… no calories. Thanks for your comment. Funny thing is, I was trying to use Publisize the auto feature to post and send out to fb and LinkedIn. It sent this one which was the post from last week, and the latest one about editing it sent twice. Isn’t technology wonderful? 😛

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