That First Blog Post

Writing that first blog post / Schnauzer


Writing the first post on a new blog is sort of like having a baby isn’t it? No, not really. Perhaps like bringing home a new pet Schnauzer. There’s a lot to think about such as, “How much time will this little one demand?” or “Will it get along with the other blogs?” and especially,“What do I feed it so it will grow up strong?” I’m assuming whether blog or dog the correct answer is not broccoli.

The posts here will be about um…writing. Freelance specifically, but with a broad scope. I will also talk about fiction being a fan of both the novel length story and the shorter 500 to 10,000 word kind. If this is not your interest then you might want to take your bat and ball and go knock on another door down the street.

I will attempt to stay on topic. My plan is to post about once a week, keeping in mind that my inner clock is missing a few gears. My hope is that these words will inspire you toward your own goals in writing. There are many blogs with detailed writing instruction, and I will talk about some of those things, however my main goal and talent is conversational inspiration (Yes, I made that category up. It’s OK though, I have an artist’s license). I will share both victories, and defeats along the way.

Some helpful things from the around the web can be found under the, “Tools of the Trade” tab. No, I don’t mind if you run off and check some of them out before you finish reading. I’m all for the trial and error path toward doing and success. You learn a lot along the way.  All of the tools listed in the toolbox are things that I have personally used and found to be helpful. The Author sites links are some people I know or have at least met personally while others are ones I admire. All the author websites listed are at least, in part, about writing. That narrows the field a lot. Otherwise I could list hundreds of authors who have influenced me.

That’s key number one – Read a lot and from a broad variety of writers. The second key is you can learn from all of them, but don’t try to write like any of them. Develop your own voice (I’m getting ahead of myself, more on that in another post). The tabs across the top with help you also. If you want to know about me, see the “Who am I?” tab, or if you want to see a few things I’ve sold, click on “Writing Clips.”

Look around.

Lastly, if you want to know more about what “Writing in Color” means, sign up for email or follow me, and stay tuned for the next post — What Harold Taught me About Writing.

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6 comments on “That First Blog Post
  1. screenwrites says:

    Thanks for the like and your great blog encouraging yourself and other writers. Really enjoyed the funny bit about how your blog would fit in the blogosphere (although you may have been serious) Plan to check out your writers tool box soon!

    • Thanks for the Kudos, Screenwrites. It was meant to be serious and funny. I try to have some levity to all of my writing, and although laughter has its worth, I also try to have some real take-away value as well.

  2. nikki j says:

    This is great, Pete. I especially like the sentence, “Look around.” Great use of a short sentence! I congratulate you on a fine site!

  3. Thank you Thomas, that means a lot. I wil endevour to keep it that way.

  4. Thomas Smith says:

    Peter, this blog does something that hundreds of others don’t. It makes me want to read the whole thing. Nice job!

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