What to Do on Dark Days When Words Do Not Come

If you have followed my blog on writing, you know that I’ve shared a few personal things here. You may also know that I write often about creativity. I don’t believe in writer’s block; I don’t even use the term. I’ve experienced being stuck. But being a creative person, I also

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Rejection Revisited (Part 2)

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, a rejection slip is: a printed slip enclosed with a rejected manuscript returned by an editor to an author. Most times I agree with Merriam-Webster. It’s my preferred dictionary; but in this case, they are not up to date. They obviously don’t know that rejections

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Rejection Revisited (Part 1)

Is it true you learn more from your failures than your successes? What can we learn from difficult times? Can rejection solidify your commitment to your goals? Everyone identifies with failure, hard times, and rejection. I may have inherently realized how tangible they are, but I understood it more when

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How Smart Does a Writer Have to Be?

Do you ever wonder if you have the brilliance to be a writer? Or look at the elitist literature types and think you’re not refined enough? Is there only one chance to make a good impression? Let me give you some hope and some help. Some help by saving you

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How to Create an Idea Stash in 30 Minutes a Day

Have you ever wished you had an idea stash? A stash, according to the folks at Merriam-Webster, is something stored away, usually in a secret place, for future use. Imagine you have to write a story, so you dip into your magical stash and grab a few ideas. You need

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Blazing-Hot Writing Tactics to Combat Brain-Freeze

Are your writing thoughts caught up in a winter vortex? Is the cold weather sending your mind into hibernation mode? Yes, below-freezing temperatures can chill your ability to churn out ideas, words, and paragraphs. It’s hard finding a fresh writing angle when you want to curl up in a warm

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How to be Creatively Organized (Part 2)

I won’t make the case for being over-the-top organized. I’m not, and I don’t think that I should change to be so. Trying would likely stress me out as much as my “mess” would stress out the person who is meticulously organized. However, I’ve talked to several writers, artists and creative

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Why Creative People Need to be Organized (Part 1)

Is organization the enemy of creativity? Is it true that analytical people excel at order and creative people don’t? Maybe; but there are several important reasons why you might need to learn some techniques for “getting it together” and even remembering where you put “it” afterwards. 1. Keep more of

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Happy New Year plus Something Free

Greetings friends, Some new people have followed since my last post. Welcome! I usually post three to four times a month, except December. In December, traffic is slow on the internet and much slower everywhere else (and don’t even mention parking). I appreciate the visitors to my blog and especially

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You’re Writing it all Wrong… Maybe Not!

Do you know what the common thing about all creative people is? They’re all different. That’s the difficulty with trying to teach someone writing. The way I do it may not work for you. Have you even been told you don’t write the right way? There are rules for grammar,

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